Exhibition of working archaeological photographs - Archaeology in progress - Vol.2
Archaeological excavations, 2013
Reparation and preservation of the inventory of the Open air museum

Open Air Museum

The project “Reconstruction of the Neolithic settlement at the site of Tumba Madzari” envisaged construction of several structures for educational and tourism purposes at the west part of the site, where no traces of archaeological evidence have been confirmed. The accomplishing of the project was preceded by preparation works in the field and building of the road infrastructure to the site...

About the Site

The location is in the current neighbourhood of Čento and it is the most significant Neolithic settlement in Skopje valley. It was discovered in 1961/2 in the course of the archaeological trial excavations related to the construction of the motorway. It is difficult to spot it nowadays because two thirds of the area is covered by houses built in the late sixties and seventies of 20th century...

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